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2023-2024 Registration

Youth hockey registration live now! Learn to skate and adult league coming soon.

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All programs.

Public Skate

Our first public skate of the year is November 16th. Come join us!

Volunteer for the rink!

Did you know we are 100% volunteer run? Click for info on how to help out.

Help the rink!

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Weekly Yakima Youth Hockey Goalie Clinic.

Free for all registered Yakima youth players.

The Yakima Youth Hockey Goalie Clinic is a free program for all registered Yakima youth players ages 6-18. The clinic will be led by experienced hockey coaches and goalies who will teach you the fundamentals of goal tending. You will learn how to:

  • Position yourself in the net
  • Make saves
  • Handle the puck
  • Communicate with your teammates
  • Stay in shape

The clinic will be held on Sundays starting November 19th from 8am-9am at the Yakima Ice Rink. For specific questions, please email us at

Goalie gear is provided. Please bring your skates.

Hockey for Everyone!

The hockey community here in Yakima is growing! Because of this growth and interest from new and returning players, we created some new programs and changed some existing ones to make sure everyone at every skill level can have a fun and safe time on the ice. For youth aged 6-18 we have the youth team programs for returning kids, and a learn-to-skate program for kids who have never skated before. For adults, we offer two divisions of league play (upper and lower), house novice teams, and a learn-to-skate program for adults who have very little to no skating experience.

Beginner (never skated to very new)

Learn to skate program. Adult and youth. 6 week programs designed to teach you the basics of skating and hockey. The end goal is to give you the skills to move into a youth team, or adult novice league.

Novice level (D-C level), Adults and Youth.

Youth - 6-18U team are available for any youth player wanting to particiate. 

Adult - League lower division. This is for players who understand the basics of hockey, are skilled enough to play at a moderately fast pace.

High Skill Level (B-A) Adults and Youth.

Youth - 6-18U team are available for any youth player wanting to participate. 

Adult - League upper division. This is a fast-paced and high skill level division. This division consists of the best players available in the area.

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Yakima Ice Rink

Phone: 509-490-6323