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Great news!!!

Yakima Ice Rink Community,


I have some great news to share with you today.  We have just negotiated a lease that will allow us to continue use of the Yakima Ice Rink for another season!  This means that we will be able to provide youth hockey, adult hockey, figure skating, and public ice skating sessions for the 2024-2025 season.  We are hopeful that the upcoming season will be the best one yet!

While the agreed upon lease will allow us to continue for another season, we want to assure you that we are still working hard to ensure a long term future for ice hockey, figure skating, and ice skating in the Yakima community.  We are still pursuing all options, including purchasing the Yakima Ice Rink.  We are very thankful for the overwhelming support from the community as well as all of the positive press we have received.  Thank you for your support and for being a part of our Yakima Ice Rink community.


Chris Bartheld

YAHA President

Important News Regarding the Ice Rink



We have some developments in regards to the sale of the ice arena that we feel are important to share with our community. As you may know, the ice arena property has been for sale for many years. While it was always a concern of ours, the price was always at a point that didn't generate much interest. The possibility of a sale had been unlikely.  Because of this, we have been working very hard the past few years to grow our association, increase public session attendance, and to raise overall awareness of ice hockey, figure skating, and ice skating in the Yakima Valley. Our long term goal has always been to grow ourselves into a new facility, with a full size rink.

Two months ago, the owner of the ice arena and surrounding properties passed away. The family is now trying to liquidate all of the properties and is much more motivated to sell. We've been in contact with the family member overseeing the sale of the properties and have, so far, been unsuccessful in making a deal that is financially responsible for our association that is also acceptable to the family. We have been given two more weeks to come back with another offer.

We are prepared to make another offer, however It is possible that the family is not willing to come to an agreement on a price that is realistic for our association. Building a new rink is still a goal of ours but we just aren't at a place currently where we can afford to lose our current facility.  

The purpose of this email is to inform our rink community of the gravity of the current situation, and also to open up communication and ideas as to possible paths forward. We would like to invite you to a public meeting as we discuss this issue on Thursday (2/15) at 5:30pm. We will be meeting in the warm room of the ice rink.  

This isn't the first time that we've encountered challenges, and it won't be the last. I'm encouraged by the fact that our rink community has come together many times in the past to ensure the future successes of our programs. Thank you for being a part of our rink community, and please plan to attend our meeting, if possible.

Thank You,


Chris Bartheld

YAHA President 

If you would like to donate specifically for the purchase of the rink, here is the Venmo. You are also welcome to email us if you would prefer to donate in person. Any donation is greatly appreciated and will be used in the purchase of the rink.

The first 50 people who donate $1,000 will have their name prominently displayed at the rink. We are thinking of good ways to do this, and some early ideas are plaques in the rink and concrete pavers leading to our entrance.

Thank you

Donations can also be sent to our PO Box.
PO Box 10682
Yakima, WA 98909


Weekly Yakima Youth Hockey Goalie Clinic.

Free for all registered Yakima youth players.

The Yakima Youth Hockey Goalie Clinic is a free program for all registered Yakima youth players ages 6-18. The clinic will be led by experienced hockey coaches and goalies who will teach you the fundamentals of goal tending. You will learn how to:

  • Position yourself in the net
  • Make saves
  • Handle the puck
  • Communicate with your teammates
  • Stay in shape

The clinic will be held on Sundays starting November 19th from 8am-9am at the Yakima Ice Rink. For specific questions, please email us at

Goalie gear is provided. Please bring your skates.

Hockey for Everyone!

The hockey community here in Yakima is growing! Because of this growth and interest from new and returning players, we created some new programs and changed some existing ones to make sure everyone at every skill level can have a fun and safe time on the ice. For youth aged 6-18 we have the youth team programs for returning kids, and a learn-to-skate program for kids who have never skated before. For adults, we offer two divisions of league play (upper and lower), house novice teams, and a learn-to-skate program for adults who have very little to no skating experience.

Beginner (never skated to very new)

Learn to skate program. Adult and youth. 6 week programs designed to teach you the basics of skating and hockey. The end goal is to give you the skills to move into a youth team, or adult novice league.

Novice level (D-C level), Adults and Youth.

Youth - 6-18U team are available for any youth player wanting to particiate. 

Adult - League lower division. This is for players who understand the basics of hockey, are skilled enough to play at a moderately fast pace.

High Skill Level (B-A) Adults and Youth.

Youth - 6-18U team are available for any youth player wanting to participate. 

Adult - League upper division. This is a fast-paced and high skill level division. This division consists of the best players available in the area.

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