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Learn to Skate

Learn to Skate

After our most successful learn-to-skate season last year, we have big plans for our program. We have split the session into two groups, allowing us to give attention to both youth who have never been in skates before, to our budding skaters who are ready to learn intermediate hockey skills. 

One group will focus on learning how to skate. This group is for people who have never put on skates before, or maybe been ice skating once or twice. We will go over the basics of standing, turning, stride technique, how to hold a hockey stick, pass, shoot, and how to get up when they fall down.

Group two will be for people who might have taken our learn to skate class before, but aren't ready to graduate into our youth or adult hockey programs. We will focus on more intermediate skills like crossovers, hockey stopping, edge control, and of course passing and shooting.

We offer low-cost gear rental at $40 per season with $20 of that being refunded at the end of the season. 

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